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Phoenix Interview: Geopolitics, Remote Viewing, Astrology with Phoenix

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U.S. Propaganda - Sony Hack Was A Practice Run For North Korea, Next Attack Power Grid - Episode 546

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Iraqi President called reconciliation project

Friday, December 19, 2014

Iraqi President called reconciliation project

BAGHDAD - Iraqi President Fuad Masum announced the start of the first steps to draft comprehensive national reconciliation in Iraq, through reconsideration of several resolutions, laws, and work to involve everyone in it.

A statement from the presidential office infallible as saying upon receiving the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Nikolay Mladenov, said that «the constant pursuit of reconciliation as the only way to get rid of all the difficulties».

He pointed out that »reconciliation not only meetings, conferences and media rhetoric pretending to be realized, but you need a strong will and participation of all.


Iraq's Oil Minister, Abdul-Mahdi, Calls to Expedite The Issuance of Oil and Gas Law


Abdul-Mahdi calls to expedite the issuance of oil and gas law

BAGHDAD - Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the House of Representatives to expedite the issuance of oil and gas law for the producing provinces of the Kurdistan region for their rights, while the oil and gas committee in the provincial council stressed the importance of legislation law.

Said Abdul-Mahdi, during a press conference held inside the Rumaila oil field in Basra province, "The oil and gas law must be passed quickly to its importance in the order of the relationship between regions or oil-producing provinces and the federal government," noting that "the law when it is prescribed, there will be instructions and directives enforceable, and not, as is currently the case. "

The minister pointed out that the "special interpretations of constitutional provisions should not stay within its borders," adding that "oil and gas law is not for the benefit of the Kurdistan region only, but in the interest of the other producing provinces, so that will have clear rights."

The Chairman of the Commission on oil and gas in the Basra Governorate Council Ali Shaddad said that "the relationship between the local government and the Ministry of Oil was almost severed under the previous federal government, and this relationship is now better than it was," adding that "the federal government monopolized during the previous period the management of oil wealth in the province, and it must be legislation oil and gas law in accordance with Article 112 of the Constitution in order to ensure the rights of Basra.

It is noteworthy that Basra's oil industry center in Iraq, and the most important oil cities in the world, as it owns at least 59% of the reserves of Iraq's oil, and has the largest oil fields in Iraq, including crazy and Rumaila, West Qurna, and through the province exported most of Iraq's oil quantities that depend on the state budget revenues almost entirely.


Heneghan Report .. NAZI-Communist George Soros Has Now Crossed the Line

December 18, 2014

NAZI-Communist Bitch George Soros Has Now Crossed the Line

UNITED States of America   -   It can now be reported that North Korea has been the headquarters for the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve and the Central Bank of Japan (BoJ) ponzi scheme with NAZI-Communist Jew George Soros' hedge fund as the major enabler.


Iraq in the Arab Organization for Administrative Development Conference


Iraq in the Arab Organization for Administrative Development Conference

BAGHDAD - Such as Iraq and Science and Technology Minister Fares Jajo in the works of the fourteenth annual conference held by the Arab Organization for Administrative Development during the period from 17-19 December, which concluded yesterday with recommendations to cooperate on building resilience to global risks in the Arab region. 

The conference was held in the presence of representatives of the 18 Arab countries are Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Lebanon, Yemen, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Palestine, Mauritania.

The conference confirmed the existence of a strong need to mature and develop a transparent depicting a realistic and flexible mechanisms for Economic Cooperation and tracks between the Arab countries.

The conference pointed out that at the conclusion of its weak oversight rules and poor application of laws and legislation and the low level of skills led to the deformation of the organizational structures of the ministries, institutions and government bodies and the collapse of many of the services systems and the prevalence of financial and administrative corruption practices. 

He stressed that there is a clear need for new governance and radical modernization of public administration systems so that they can respond to the consequences of political, social and economic changes and reduce the risk of institutional collapse, taking into account the objectives of sustainable development currently under way at the local, regional and global levels. 

Recommendations and explained that the consolidation of mechanisms and practices apply transparency, accountability, participation and self-assessment of regulatory procedures for participation in the decision, equality and administrative responsibility, competence and ethics of public service management is one of the conditions of the ruling to address the risk of weakening the state and powers benefits industry. 

He acknowledged the existence of the real challenges and risks facing the Arab countries lead by maintaining the rule of law and its enforcement, and the face of organized crime, as well as practices that threaten social peace, safe and decent living. 

The conference pointed to the emergence of new types of risks in some Arab societies, especially in the oil-producing countries, including what affect social harmony and unity value on the cusp of random mixing, which began Features social and cultural implications ringing bells. 

 The Conference endorsed the planned next conference title held during the period from 15 to December 17 of next year to be a 'development agenda beyond 2015 in the Arab states' that the state convened to be determined.


Pentagon to send 1,300 troops to Iraq next month


Pentagon to send 1,300 troops to Iraq next month

Khandan - The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) that the defense minister resigned Chuck Hagel, honest to send 1,300 US troops to Iraq next month. 

A spokesman for the Pentagon, John Kirby in the daily press summary from Washington that such a force represents the first installment of the strength of 1,500 troops that President Barack Obama has promised to send to Iraq last November. 

Kirby pointed out that the task force that will be "training and guidance and assist the Iraqi security forces." 

It is supposed to be the new distribution of forces on the four sites for the training of Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga.


US OKs sale of 175 tanks to Iraq; deal worth $2.4B

December 19, 2014

US OKs sale of 175 tanks to Iraq; deal worth $2.4B

The Obama administration has approved the sale of 175 Abrams tanks to Iraq in a deal worth an estimated $2.4 billion.

A government statement says the tanks will help Iraq "quickly mobilize and defend its border" and demonstrate U.S. commitment to the country's self-defense.

Congress was notified of the approval Friday.

President Barack Obama has authorized more than 3,000 U.S. troops to be sent to Iraq to help national units fighting the Islamic State and to conduct training at several sites around the country. The U.S. also is hitting Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria through airstrikes.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency says the tanks deal with Iraq includes equipment, parts and logistical support. The sale will take up to five years to complete.


Representative of European Union to visit Baghdad and Erbil next Monday


High Representative for Foreign Policy in the European Union to visit Baghdad and Erbil next Monday

The European Union announced that the High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union (Federica Mogerena) will pay a visit to the Iraqi capital of Baghdad Monday. 

He said the European responsible office said in a statement on Friday, "that (Mogerena) will hold talks with Iraqi President (Fuad Masum) and Prime Minister (Haider Abadi)." 

The statement added, "will also meet the EU responsible during a visit to Baghdad with Foreign Minister (Ibrahim Jaafari) and Chairman of the Board of Deputies (Salim al), indicating that the High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union would send through meetings message of solidarity with Iraq and will confirm the EU's readiness to deepen relations with him.

The statement continued, "The (Mogerena) will travel to Erbil next Tuesday to discuss the challenges facing Iraq's Kurdistan region and its inhabitants with all of the region's president (Massoud Barzani) and head of the regional government (Barzani), indicating that the (Mogerena) will be such as to leave Iraq to visit a refugee center where she will meet with families and children who are hosted by the center. " 

The statement also said, "The European Union has provided humanitarian aid to Iraq worth 20 million euros as is currently implementing development projects in the country." 


Phoenix Rising Radio Special Guest Angela Horne Friday, December 19, 2014 @8:00 PM EST

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December 17th 2014 

As we draw this year to a close, there is still much energetic activity going on around us and through us, transformation, transmutation and transcendence, setting the stage for the next phase of our life. The last two years has been building energetically, hence the reason, so much havoc has been played out around you. It may feel incredibly tense right now. It is all about to pass, finally, take a long deep breath of Gratitude that its releasing in a huge way.

Much of the old and stuck energy is leaving, finally, from the left over lingering energy of the last full moon energy of Dec 6th 2014.  Very potent energy indeed. Bye Bye.

We are now ramping up for the **Winter Solstice Dec 21st** (these add up Dec12th = 3  21st = 3 Divine/Divinity =MAGIC or together they are 33 -master number that does not get added- very powerful indeed) the number of 23:03,(I love that these numbers add up to 8 infinity) Divine Magic - WhooHoo !!!

What I love most about the Winter Solstice is this many cultures around the world hold feasts and celebrate festivals and holidays to celebrate the December Solstice. WhooHoo! 

A wonderful time of coming together of hearts and souls in alignment with Father Sky, Mother Earth and God Self - you and me.

The New Moon of Dec 22nd

A wonderful coming together of hearts and souls in alignment with Father Sky, Mother Earth and God Self - you and me.

The New Moon of Dec 22nd

(master number again -patterns of mastery- from my November newsletter) is the next of New Intentions Wishes to set forth your intentions for the new year. The New Moon also offers an opportunity to see our shadow side. The Shadow side is that part of us that is in denial or hesitation. Now identify and embrace what no longer is working, serving or what we are in resistance to changing, transform, transmute and transcend. 

BUSTED? Drill Held At Same Exact Lindt Cafe Location In Sydney Last Year! FALSE FLAG ALERT!

December 19, 2014

BUSTED? Drill Held At Same Exact Lindt Cafe Location In Sydney Last Year! FALSE FLAG ALERT!

Published on Dec 14, 2014
Australian hostages at LOCATION OF A TERRORISM DRILL 1 year ago - Link-


Sydney Cafe Hostage CONSPIRACY? Footage CENSORED Showing Black Ops Training ISIS! Nice TIming NWO! Link -

Putin equates Russia’s ‘look east’ with US’ AsiaPivot

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Vladimir Putin in Shanghai: Russia Is Turning East

Russia's Plan For Reshaping The Global Economy and Forming The New Eurasia Is Unfolding As Planned

December 19, 2014

Putin equates Russia’s ‘look east’ with US’ AsiaPivot

With Asian nations like China and India growing at a faster rate than the rest of the world, Washington’s Asia-Pivot and Russia’s “turn towards the east” both are resultant of the new global realities, says Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I often hear comments about Russia’s turn towards the East. Now, if you read American analysts, they also write about the United States’ turn towards the East. Is this true? Partly, yes. Why? Is this political? No. This stems from the global economic processes, because the East – that is, the Asia-Pacific Region – shows faster growth than the rest of the world,” said Putin at a three-hour news conference on Thursday.

The “Pivot to Asia”, which has become one of the Obama administration’s central foreign policy initiatives was announced during the current president’s first term in office. “We increasingly see our top priorities as tied to Asia, whether it’s accessing new markets or promoting exports, or protecting our security interests and promoting our core values,” said National Security Adviser Susan Rice earlier this year.